Build Custom Browsers

Customized mobile browsers and desktop extensions is what we do…and we happen to be awesome at it!!
More specifically, we love to build quality custom-branded mobile browsers and desktop extensions for our partners and users aimed at improving overall user experience and engagement levels.
These customized browsers and extensions add value by being feature-packed to ensure they maintain exceptionally high retention rates for both our partners and users alike.
We at BROWSA are fortunate that what we do well and what we love to do happen to be the same thing!!


Monetise Mobile & Desktop Browsers

BROWSA provides its partners with quick to market and 360-degree solutions which achieve their desired engagement and revenue goals.
And that’s not all….
We also provide additional features for global OEM partners which drive incremental RPU and product selection.

Browser for Consumers

Tell us what you want on your browser and BROWSA will build it across a full series of products. We can create a fully customised browser with loads of specific features. Things such as password sync, custom homepage, bookmarks, customisable interface and settings are just a few. There are many more features we can add. Not sure what you want and need some inspiration? BROWSA can help with that as well!!


Want to find search results faster? BROWSA can help you do that with optimised search, filtering and search suggestions.
We partner with the world’s leading search technology companies to allow you to surf better online.


Shopping feeds filled with loads of cool promotions and discounted deals.


Get access to a wide selection of browser based games which provide you with a smooth and enjoyable experience during your down time.


Keep up with what’s happening around the world and currently trending on the internet with intelligent recommended news channels filled with top qualified content …and much more!!





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